Cellular health is the key to your overall health and aging. You can improve your cellular health by detoxing your body and environment, giving your body proper nutrition and hydration and using a variety of natural technologies. Dig deep into this website and change your life!

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Heal Yourself Challenge! 

Success! Surgery canceled and chronic pain gone!


Due to my back injuries, the 100+  diet, exercise, lifestyle, supplementation and energy work modalities never made it into the blog and video format. However, I was able to cancel my hip replacement surgery, eliminate pain in my hip, increase the range of motion and decrease my limp, lower my cholesterol and triglycerides, and come back from back surgery.

Check out the Heal Yourself Challenge summary article. Watch the clip on Protandim - exponentially the most important thing I've found in 5 years of research. Learn more on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy too.

TV and Radio Show on Cell Phones, Health and Electropollution - click image to listen or watch

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Magnetics, Negative Ions and Infrared

Stem Cell Enhancement

Detox/Inch Loss Body Applicators

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Juice with 55,050 ORAC

Schedule an Emotion Code, Energy Balancing, Integrated Healing, Solid State Technology or BARS session today. Some modalities can be done at a distance too.

Upcoming Seminars - RSVP required or for more info

Detoxifcation,  Cellular /Digestive Health and Wrap N Lose Party - Spot reduce, lose weight, detox, improve skin texture and your health. Feel and look better now. Easy tips.  TBD

Animal Wellness Seminar - TBD

Cell Phone Safety Seminar Learn the latest info and research on how to thrive in a high tech world. Lots of tips, plus info on a patented Cell Guard Chip. TBD

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