Natural Technologies to help Autism

The parents of autistic children I know will try just about anything to get a breakthrough with their children. There are two companies and a variety of natural technologies that are making a difference in the lives of these children and ultimately the lives of these families. The incidence of autism continues to rise and the cause remains a mystery.

Nikken works on overall health and GiaWellness Technologies addresses the problem of electropollution and EMF sensitivity that many autistic children have.

Autism Testimonials:

We do not claim to diagnose or treat any condition. Every person is different, so there is no guarantee you will have the same results. However, I’ve seen over 115 amazing things in the past 2 years for a variety of conditions. These benefits were pulled from actual testimonials from people who saw amazing results and had to share them.

 ·                     Better Sleep: Get to sleep faster. No longer tossing and turning all night. No longer getting up and wandering  at night.  No more dark circles under eyes.        

·                     Not as aggressive and agitated. Fewer outbursts

·                     Able to transition better.

·                     Improved communication – some even spoke their first words ever.

·                     Less fearful.

·                     Improved focus and concentration.

·                     Improved school work and behavior – some read grade levels higher.

·                     Improved interaction with others. More affectionate. Smiling. Laughing. Eye Contact.

·                     Calmer. Happier – everyone in the entire family

·                     Quieter breathing.

·                     Better balance.

·                     Improved physical growth and development.

·                     Decreased medications.

Mariea's paper on her research with autistic children and EMF

Nikken Wellness Home Technologies

Nikken is a supporter of Autism Speaks through a donation for each sports bracelet sold. Nikken's overall concept is to create a non-toxic and healthy living environment which enhances overall health. It is accomplished through cleaner air and water, deep restorative sleep, organic wholefoods nutrition, and fitness. Visit the Wellness Home tab and watch a variety of clips for more information or email me with any specific questions.

One challenge with many autistic children is sleep. Even if your child does not get up and roam in the middle of the night, it does not mean they are getting into the deep, restorative REM stage of sleep. Nikken has a high tech sleep system that is endorsed by the Worldwide Federation of Chiropractics. As a former insomniac, I can tell you it made a huge difference in the depth and quantity of my sleep, which then made a difference in my daily life and health.

Helping Autistic Children Sleep Better Article  See page 13 for specific autism info. See the prior pages for info on the Sleep System Technologies.

Austim_Wellness_Home_Testimonials.pdf  Several articles on autism starting on page 7.

Natural Technology Presentation to the Autism Society

Natural Technologies can lead to great improvements

Product/Technology Recommendations:

·         Deeper sleep: Nikken Sleep System (magnetics, infrared, negative ions) – small kids can use the smaller pet pad.

·         Grounding and focus: Magnetic/infrared/negative ions (necklace – 2 bracelets put together) and/or magnetic infrared insoles and/or magnetic infrared seat cushion.

·         Calming: Rub MagBoys on back.

·         Improved environment: Better air, water, non-toxic cleaning products and skin care.  

·         Reduce EMFs in environment: Cell Guard Cell chips on cellphones. Universal chips on computers, monitors, TVs, gaming systems, cordless phones, microwaves, etc. Home Harmonizer.

·         Support Biofield (body’s energetic field and defense against stressors)  with ERT Energy Resonance Technology) pendant.

·         Cellular nutrition – Jade Greenzymes - alkalizing, nutritious and detoxifying

·         Better hydration (Intelligent-H2O, PiMag water or Optimized water). 

·         Ordering or more information visit or (electropollution specific) or (Nikken specific) or email

Our son Cade was diagnosed with autism in 2006 at three years old. To have a parent’s hopes for their child crushed by a diagnosis like autism is devastating. So we did some research and learned that Nikken products have improved lives.

Medical doctors cannot explain the positive results of these technologies other than to chalk it up to “coincidence.” But is it coincidence that when you treat your body properly in order for it to be healthy, and supply it with the proper nutrition, water, air, exercise and energy to function at is full potential, that it actually does function better?



Cade’s progress had been very slow until we introduced Nikken into his life. After he began sleeping on the Kenko™ Sleep System (pad, pillow and comforter), we began to see drastic changes. He slept soundly without thrashing about, woke up easily and wasn’t irritable. His focus and concentration improved during the day and his outbursts became less severe. Nikken products have proven effective for Cade, and they are risk-free with zero side effects.

Now, Cade is doing remarkably well and continues to make strides every day. There are many other companies who market sleep systems, air systems, water systems and nutritional supplements, but Nikken is the only company with everything wrapped up in one easy package – the Nikken Wellness Home.

Electropollution Technologies from GiaWellness

Listen to call on Autism and Electropollution

Many autistic children are very much impacted by the EMF/EMR (electromagnetic fields and radiation) in their environment. One researcher is noticing the ability to let go of toxins and a dramatic improvement in autistic children when they are in an EMF-reduced or EMF-free environment.

Testimonial: A fifth grade student with autism was recommended to go to a residential school. At the time, his mother was introduced to the concept of reducing the electropollution and the following technologies. She put a BioLife pendant on her son which has energy resonance technology in it. The pendant is worn continuously and strengthens the body's defenses against all sorts of environmental stressors, including electropollution. She also put the patented cell phone and universal chips on all heavy EMF producing devices in the house (computers, monitors, cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi, many gaming systems, microwaves, refrigerators, televisions, alarm clocks, etc.). She also used a Home Harmonizer that addresses the ambient electromagnetic frequencies and the home wiring currents (alternating currents AC versus our bodies own direct current DC). He was able to be mainstreamed within a year, started playing sports, and started reading 4 grade levels ahead. He is currently in the 9th grade with a 90% average. The Mom continues to see improvements in his ability to relate, focus and adapt to changes. These technologies changed everyone's life in that family.


Technology Recommendations: Reduce EMFs in environment: Cell chips on cellphones. Universal chips on computers, monitors, TVs, gaming systems, cordless phones, microwaves, etc. Home Harmonizer. Support Biofield with pendant. Cellular nutrition and hydration (I-H2O). 

Possible Association Between Fetal/Neonatal Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radation and the Increased Incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders Robert C Kane, Ph.D., Feb 2004.

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