Protandim - NRF2 Synergizer 

Exponentially better than anything I've found in 5 years of research!

Key for Anti-Aging, overall health and wellness at a cellular and DNA level!

Oxidative stress (free radical damage) and inflammation are linked to over 200 chronic diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes to name just a few). Reduce your oxidative stress levels back to that of a 20 year old or younger in just 30 days and so much more!

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Fantastic for people, athletes, and all kinds of pets. Even people with autism experience more focus due to the 300% increase in glutathione getting into the brain.

Proven so far:

Reduces cellular aging by 40%

Reduces oxidative stress (cell damage and aging) back to the level of a 20 year old in 30 days. Works in 100% of mammals!

Increases antioxidant enzyme production  up to 300% - like glutathione which is key in athletics, plus is the only enzyme that can cross into the brain. One molecule of these enzymes take care of 1 million free radicals per second versus one molecule of vitamin C or E only takes care of 1 free radical! Exponentially better.

Reduces inflammation c reactive protein by 50%.

Regulates over 3000 survival genes in the DNA of every cell!

9 peer reviewed studies and 20 more in the works. 3 on cancer and one on heart disease. Go to and enter Protandim in the search to see all peer reviewed and published studies (only 10% of all studies make it this far).

Over 25 more studies still in the works at universities around the world.

My testimonials:

I just noticed (funny how when pain is gone we are not as aware of our bodies) that I no longer have that horrible hurts to reposition in the middle of the night pain nor do I have the constant dull throbbing pain in my hip. I was able to cancel my hip replacement surgery. My range of motion has increased 6 degrees and my limp is not as noticeable. A pre-cancerous lesion on my arm is almost gone. My brother looked fantastic the day after his first marathon. He said Protandim has been making a big difference in his recovery, while all his running buddies felt like they were hit by a truck for a week. My 17 year old lab mix started running again and my 4 year old dog's seizures have greatly decreased in intensity a pet product will be coming out soon too. My friend who was thinking about foot surgery is pain free as well as headache free. A woman with macular degeneration is seeing much better. I could go on and on.

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