The Emotion Code – simple energy release technique for trapped emotional energy

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The Emotion Code summary information from "The Emotion Code" by Dr. Bradley Nelson:

·         Subconscious mind remembers everything – virus, bacteria, fungus, faces you’ve seen, experiences, thoughts, feels, history of every cell in your body, etc.

·         Emotions can become trapped when the experience is overwhelming or prolonged or if the body is in a weakened state.

·         Trapped emotions are made of energy. Lots of energy is invisible – radio, x ray, infrared, thoughts, emotions, electricity….Chi is the energy in the body.

·         Organs produce certain emotional frequencies, but it can be trapped anywhere in the body. Grief is associated with the lungs.

·         There is a biochemical component to emotions. Entire body is intelligent, not just the brain. Heart has memory.

·         Trapped emotions vibrate at their own frequency and will cause the surrounding tissue to vibrate at the same frequency (resonance). Tuning forks.

·         Thought energy has no boundaries. You are constantly broadcasting your thought energy – beliefs, intentions, etc.

·         Emotions will often lodge in areas of significance – ie miscarriage emotions of grief lodge in womb.

·         Trapped emotions can cause damage:

o   Cause you to make the wrong assumptions

o   Overreact

o   Misinterpret behavior

o   Short circuit relationships

o   Create depression, anxiety, and unwanted feelings you can’t shake

o   Interfere with proper organ and tissue function

o   Physical health – pain, fatigue, illness

o   Muscle imbalances that can lead to joint problems like arthritis

o   Lower immune function

o   Distort body tissues

o   Block flow of energy

·         Most people experience lightness, a change in the way they feel or behave, change in the choices they make or the results they get, and a decrease or vanishing of pain.

·         Once a specific trapped emotion for a specific incidence is released, it will never come back (at least that instance).

·         Sway test

·         What the body will tell us through muscle testing:

o   What the emotion was

o   When it got trapped – age or prenatal or inherited

o   Where it is trapped in the body

o   What caused it to be trapped

o   How well your organs are functioning

o   What supplements are beneficial for you or not

o   What acupressure points would be helpful to work

o   What essential oils will work best

o   Etc.

·         After emotions are identified, your own thought energy of intention is important to remove it. Use another form of energy to “over write it”. Magnets work great (especially Nikken – I can get you them). Magnets help magnify your intention to be more effective.

·         Run the magnet down the governing meridian – top of the head to base of the spine. If you are working on yourself, go from your mouth to the base of your neck over the top of your head.

o   3 times for a regular trapped emotion

o   10 times for a prenatal  or inherited trapped emotion

·         The sudden influx of intention energy enters the governing meridian and flows into the other meridians in the body. Works like noise canceling headphones – 2 waves cancel each other out. The magnet creates a flow of opposite energy with the magnified intention and it cancels out the “noise (frequency)” of the trapped emotion. That emotional energy then just dissipates and disappears.

·         Body has to adjust to the new energy flow – sometimes people feel more emotional, sleep more or less over the next few days. Most feel lighter and less pain.

·         Surrogates, proxies and distance work. Animals too!

·         Heart walls. We can build up a heart wall made up of trapped emotions to protect ourselves from getting hurt. The heart wall messes up our ability to give and receive love.

·         Amazing results:

o   Dr.  wanted to put me on statins this summer for cholesterol. I said “no way” and started taking a supplement clinically shown to reduce cholesterol in the single digits. In the meantime, I was doing lots of Emotion Code work on myself. When I went back after 3 ½ months the dr was blown away. My total cholesterol was down 25%, my LDL was down 31% and my LP (a) was down 73%!

o   A dog I worked on regarding thyroid issues was able to decrease his medication.

o   A friend that was taking 8 Tylenol a day for headaches now only takes 2 (probably out of habit).

o   Another friend’s hip pain went from a 4-5 (scale of 10) down to a 2 within a few minutes.

o   A kid with urinary frequency did not run straight to the bathroom after school (90 minutes).

o   Kid with motor tic significantly decreased the sniffing tic.

o   Great for anxiety, aches and pains, and more.

o   Many amazing animal stories too.

Note: The Emotion Code, Body Code and Solid State Energy Work are not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions or replace medical care with your physician.

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To schedule an appointment for Emotion Code, Body Code or Solid State Energy Work (in person or by phone) email or call 720-308-4089.

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