Susan Trost, RHIA, CITRMS, BS 

New! I am now certified in The Emotion Code and offer sessions in person (animals too) as well as over the phone. Check out The Emotion Code tab to see the amazing things I've seen over the last few months. I'm currently working on getting certified in The Body Code and getting additional training in a solid state healing technology,energy balancing and kinesiology. Just recently completed a course called Access Bars. There are 32 points on the head and neck that can help with blocked energy. The tag line is "Best Case - it will change your life. Worse Case - it is like the best massage you've ever had!" In Feb, I'm getting certified in Integrative Healing which combines so many different healing modalities.

Are you expecting to see that I run 5 miles a day, eat only organic foods, eat no processed or fast foods, meditate and do yoga? Actually, I'm just like you - overworked, running from activity to activity with the kids, catching meals as we can, struggling to eat healthy, not always finding the time to exercise, and struggling to get enough sleep.

My quest for healthier living began with bad genetics and a few health "situations". Although my education was focused on disease, my real education is the result of my own issues and through helping others. The human body is an incredible machine and it is designed to heal itself (especially given the right tools). Prevention is so much less expensive and painful than disease. Drugs and surgery are often not the only answers.

I'm finally following my dream and passion! I realized what ignites me is helping others, especially with their health. My goal is to impact the health/lives of countless people and animals through education, reducing environmental toxins and focusing on prevention and wellness. Most importantly, I want to give hope.

The human body is an incredible machine designed to heal itself (especially given the right tools). Your body is a great filter, but today it is forced to filter so many more toxins from the things we breathe, drink, eat, clean and use on our skin. If we can reduce the toxins going in, then our body can focus on healthier functions. My focus is on helping you improve your health from a cellular level as well as an energetic level. Poor health and disease starts at a cellular level.

Prevention is so much less expensive and painful than disease. Drugs and surgery are often not the only answers.

I help people find solutions to their current challenges as well as create a healthy living environment. The focus of a Wellness Home is to decrease the toxins our bodies have to process (air, water, skin care, and organic whole foods supplementation, cleaning products, electromagnetic radiation/pollution), getting deep restorative sleep (body does its repair work), proper nutrition, and fitness (easy to integrate). In the past 18 months, I've seen over 100 amazing and even life changing events with a variety of cutting edge technologies and products for people and pets.

I recently met someone with a patented technology and proprietary technology that addressed the missing gap in ways to deal with electropollution, cell phone and wireless safety. This is critical information for all, even if you don't have a cell phone.

My goal is to educate you on wellness, prevention, decreasing toxins, natural technologies (magnetics, negative ions and infrared), whole foods nutrition, acidity versus alkalinity, supplementation, dangers of electromagnetic fields, how to be a better consumer and more. Most importantly, I want to give you easy-to-integrate tips to help you and your family achieve great health. I will always show people the least expensive way to get any of the products or technologies they want.

I've recently completed training in a variety of energy work and seeing great results. Some of the technologies can be done by proxy at a distance. Never imagined that I would be able to do that, but it is amazing. I work with people of all ages and pets.

Bachelor of Science, Ohio State University

The Emotion Code, Level One Certified, Access Bars, Solid State Technology Work, Energy Balancing, Integrative Healting (coming soon - The Body Code)

Certified Wellness Consultant and Wellness Home Consultant, Nikken

Gia Wellness Technologies - Safer Living in a Wireless World

Healthier Living Lifestyle Expert for Chat, Chew and Chocolate

If you have any great tips or websites, please email me. This website is a work in progress. If you have any questions, please let me know and I'll be happy to send you more specific and customized information.

Disclaimer: The intent of this website and these products and technologies are not to diagnose, treat or cure any condition. No medical claims are made. The intent is to pull current information and technologies together. As an active patient is your own healthcare, you should do additional research and talk to your healthcare team about any questions and concerns you have before you begin on any new products or technologies. Take charge of your health today.





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