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Take Charge of Your Health - It's Easier to Maintain or Improve than to Reclaim! -The hard lessons I learned after several back injuries left me in constant pain.

Trouble Sleeping - Sleep Tips that can change your health and life! Outlines the reasons why sleep is so important for your health and gives numerous ways to improve the quality of your sleep naturally.

Give Up Sugar - Are You Crazy??? - Learn why you might want to consider giving up or limiting your sugar and processed food consumption so you can feel better, look better and age better!

Earth Day Ideas - Check out some easy ways to minimize the impact on our environment and save yourself money too!

Toxic Overload - Outlines how the toxins in our environment get into our bodies and the potential impact on our health.

Electromagnetic Pollution - What you must know now!

Cell Phone and EMF Safety Tips - Learn ways to minimize your exposure to the invisible electropollution. Learn safer ways to use the technologies that are so much a part of your life.

Digestive Health = Good Health - Your digestive system plays a major role in your immune system. Learn what you can do to improve your health and reduce parasites (more than 90% have them)!

Access Bars Sessions FAQs - Learn about a relaxing energy work that works 32 points on your head and neck. Best case scenario - it can change your life. Worse case scenario - a deeply relaxing experience.

Water - A simple way to improve your health (Part 1)  - Check out why this simple substance is so critical for good health. So much chronic disease can be linked to chronic dehydration.

Water (Part 2) How to compare Water Filtration Systems - Have more confidence in your options and be an informed consumer.

How to Keep Super Woman/Super Man Flying High - Learn 10 quick help and health tips to improve your health while you try to do it all!

Indoor Air Pollution - What are you breathing? - Learn why our homes are so unhealthy and some quick tips to improve your indoor air quality.

Shopping Checklist for Indoor Air Filtration Units - Selecting a good unit can be difficult and often misleading. What are the key things you should insist on? What technologies should you avoid?

Organic Foods - Why you should consider buying organic - Learn about organic farming methods, the variety of organic labeling and what it means, and the best items to buy organic due to the highest pesticide levels.

Summer Toxins - Reduce the toxic load of summer fun
Everyone loves summer and being outside. However, it is also a season where you can get more toxins in your body. Learn some ways to minimize your exposure.

Personal Care Products and Toxins - Surprise!
Chances are you are exposing yourself to an average of 126 chemicals per day by using 10 personal care products. Unfortunately, many of these very chemicals are known to cause cancer, birth defects, hormone disruptions, reproductive problems, learning disabilities and a host of other illnesses.

Alternative Options for Better Health and Wellness
Learn some tried and true alternative health options and treatments that can make a difference in your health and well being.

Healthier Pets -Save money and help your pets!
Learn the tips and secrets I've discovered that have added good quality years to my lab mixes. Jesse is 16 1/2 and Sierra is 15 1/2. Considering Jesse could not get up on her own when she was almost 14, it is a big accomplishment. Best of all, both have been medication free which has saved me lots of money.

Easy and Mindless Ways to Improve Your Health - Reduce Toxins Getting In - Part 1

Our world is increasingly toxic. Learn some common ways toxins get in your body.

Easy and Mindless Ways to Improve Your Health - Increasing Toxins Getting Out - Part 2
plus Bonus Health Tips
We know that toxins are in our bodies, now learn ways to help your body get more of the toxins out. Check out a quick list of easy things you can do now for your health.

Healthier Cleaning Products 

We know indoor air pollution is a big problem. The products we use to clean our homes often contain harsh ingredients that use chemical reactions to break up the dirt. However, they can damage the items we are cleaning and leave a chemical residue that we can absorb as we wear our clothes, walk on our floors, and eat off our dishes. You also need to consider the potential breathing problems caused when using these products in an aerosol format.

To learn more about the products and chemicals you have in your house visit the Household Products website. It details what is in the products, potential health problems and how to use and handle them safely. The website is hosted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It will really make you wonder if you even want these products in your house and will help you to understand some of the health implications that result.

If you do clean out these products, contact your local government about collection sites for toxic chemicals. Do not throw them into the regular trash or put them down the drain. Go with "green" non-toxic products whenever possible.

There are many "green" versions of products on the market. Do your research as they often still contain chemicals that are not good for us. The company I found that has safer, concentrated, economical and more effective solutions is Melaleuca. To me, it rounds out my Wellness Home and helps protect my family and my pets. However, it was equally important that it would be economical and minimize the impact on our environment. To learn more about how each product is safer, effective, eco-friendly, economical and guaranteed visit the Safer Products for Your Home website. Granted, you can make some cleaning products using baking soda and vinegar, however, I can be lazy about tweaking formulas and would prefer to buy something that works well. Contact me if you want to buy the products at a discount and earn Advantage Dollars.





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