Dangerous?: Cell Phones and WiFi

from The Changing Paradigm Show with Dr. Patricia Hill

The show highlights the issue of electropollution, impacts on health, current research, ways to decrease electropollution in your environment, plus information on the patented technology (MRET) that addresses the impact on the body. Show features Susan Trost, Marie Soderberg and Dr. Patricia Hill. It was filmed 12/23/08 in Aspen and has been one of the most requested shows. Each segment is 7 to 10 minutes in length and the basic contents are outlined below.

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Segment 1: Overview of the issues of electropollution and the evolution of technology.

Segment 2: News clip outlining the advisories that came out of the 9/08 Congressional Hearings on Cell Phone Safety.

Segment 3: Electropollution impacts on the body (cellular, hormonal, blood brain barrier, DNA).

Segment 4: Research findings.

Segment 5: Research findings continued.

Segment 6: Tips on reducing your exposure to electropollution.

Segment 7: Tips continued. Quick information on the only patented technology along with a propriety technology that addresses the problem and the impact on your body.

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