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In 18 months, I've personally seen or helped others with over 100 amazing and life changing results. The natural and high tech solutions to create a Wellness Home, as well as address specific issues and problems, is the focus of Nikken.

What is a Wellness Home?

Nikken, a total wellness company since 1975, believe there are four interrelated and mutually dependent areas of wellness. There are easy-to-incorporate cutting-edge technologies designed to support all areas.

  1. Rest & Relaxation - better sleep (body does its repair work), increased comfort, easing tension and stress
  2. Nutrition - organic whole foods supplementation and weight management
  3. Environment - reducing toxins in the air and water, plus skin care and cleaning products
  4. Fitness - regular part of each day to enhance health

It is not a "drink this juice and your life will be great" company.

Watch the Wellness Home Clip to learn more.

Why do we need a Wellness Home?

These days a Wellness Home is mandatory to counteract our fast-paced lifestyles and polluted environment. Modern processing techniques, nutrient depleted soils, chemicals, additives, and junk food addictions make it difficult to get the nutrients our bodies need for basic functioning. If you don't give your car quality gas, it is not going to run well. If you don't change the air or oil filter, it is not going to run well. The same thing is true for our bodies. If you give your body what it needs nutritionally and fitness-wise, and decrease the toxins in your living environment, you will be amazed with the results.

If you can't afford prevention, how will you afford disease? Afterall, every $1 you spend in prevention, you save $8 that you would have spent for disease. The products combine science and nature with advanced technologies to create new solutions to age old problems.

After seeing over 90 amazing and even life changing examples with Nikken technologies, it is my obligation to let people know there are alternatives. Check out the websites and movie clips to learn more. It changed my life (insomnia, arthritis pain, poor dietary habits and lack of hydration to name a few). I know my next few decades are going to be so much better as a result too.

Visit the website for more information on the products and technologies. For specific information visit one of the Microsites. Many have short clips that explain the technologies. Contact me to learn the least expensive ways to integrate these technologies into your life.

Air Technology

PiMag Living Water Technology

Adaptive Sleep Technology 

Magnetic Technology

Whole Foods Revolution 

Whole Foods Supplementation Clip

Tri-Phase Energizing Technology

Body Balance Weight Loss/Maintenance Program

Jade Greenzymes

Certified Organic Skin Care

Dr. A.S. "Narain" Naidu website (OsteoDenx Bone Support)

Autism information

Helping Autistic Children Sleep Better





 Living Healthier Now and the Heal Yourself Challenge do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any condition or symptom. Always work with your medical team to make the best choices for your given situation.

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